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I've been painting windows for 6 years now and have tried and tested many different materials and brands all in the search for the best products to create Window Art. It's been a long process and certainly would have been easier if I'd had some quick answers in the beginning!


I've now put together a Toolbox guide, in the form of a PDF file, which lists all the items I use whilst painting a window, their best instances of use, my favourite brands and some helpful FAQ answers as well.


This is a guide to help you start your own Window Art Toolbox and point you in the direction of the products I've found work best. 


Once you make your purchase the file will be emailed to you and you can get straight off to some painting!

Window Art Toolbox

  • Please note this is a guide for tools suited to semi permenant Window Art. It is a gathering of my knowledge and by no means is an extensive or final list.

    All works and information are copyright of Feather Letter Designs

    This file is not permitted for re-sale.

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